When is the Best Wedding Season?

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The hard part is behind you. You finally found your other half!

But now… you are being flooded with a myriad of questions and decisions about your wedding. One of the big ones that will come up early on in your planning process is: WHEN is the best wedding season? 

There is no one answer to this question! It changes from venue to venue and it very much depends on the type of wedding you want to have. Let’s take a look at the seasons so you know what to consider when making your ‘Wedding Season’ decision. 


Pros: This is my personal favorite. It’s the perfect time of year in Israel. The weather is so beautiful! The air is finally warming up, yet the fresh greens from the winter rains create the most picturesque landscapes. Since the popular wedding months are ahead of you, guests will still be excited to attend your events as they are not yet ‘partied out’. 

Cons: It does still rain and it could be cold at night, so you can’t really rely on an outdoor-only venue. People are still deep in their routines, so expecting guests to take off work, school and life for a long wedding weekend may be a bit presumptuous. Venue prices are not yet at their peak, but they do begin to creep up at this time.


Pros: The most popular wedding season. If you’re looking to splash by the pool or say ‘I do’ by sunset at the beach, you’ll want to pick a summer wedding. The venue options are far greater and diverse in these months. Also you can safely bet on an outdoor wedding ceremony. Guests will have an easier time taking off school and work to attend your wedding and the energy of the summer is just unbeatable.

Cons: It can be too hot in certain places in Israel. You may have sweat dripping down to your stilettos at an outdoor reception, not to mention an outdoor dance floor! Demand for venues and vendors is highest during this time of year, so unless you have a super-long engagement, you might find certain vendors to be booked up. Vacation plans or other weddings may conflict with yours when it comes to your guests’ attendance. And many venues and vendors charge more during the “peak season,” so certain costs will be higher. 


Pros: Fall is an absolutely stunning time with the crisp air that is finally leaving the heat of the summer, the cozy vibe, the changing leaves and more. Many couples worry about the bug problem for outdoor ceremonies, but planning your wedding closer to fall is a good way to make sure there are less bugs pestering your guests. As well, pricing begins to drop again after the popular summer months. 

Cons: In these autumn wedding months there are possible conflicts: a new school year, Jewish holidays and Thanksgiving. There are also fewer flowers in season, so you may have to be willing to re-imagine your ideal floral arrangements. Since the weather is beginning to cool down, you will need to have an indoor option as Plan B for your venue and may only know about outdoor scenarios the week of the event. 


Pros: Although this is not the most popular time to get married, these months make for magical weddings. Especially in Israel, winter offers some of the most beautiful flower options which are not available in the hotter months. So imagine exquisite indoor design! Competition is low and some vendors and venues offer discounts during this time. Your guests will appreciate having a fun event to attend during the often dreary, colder months. Plus, for destination events and overseas guests, Christmas and New Years are a perfect time for people to take off from their busy schedules.

Cons: Venue options are limited and you might end up with a rainy day, forcing you to have your pre-event photoshoots indoors. Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years; While these holidays are considered “the most wonderful time of the year,” they too can create many conflicts for your special day. 

When it comes to weather, I never play God. I’ve seen rain in April at outdoor desert events and sunny days in the depths of January. Always have a backup so that you are not praying that the weather will be on your side. Way out the pros and cons of each wedding season and compare them to your personal list of priorities and values. And remember – each time of year has its special charm and there is no wrong time to marry the love of your life 😉