What size wedding should I have?

wedding size

Choosing between a big or small wedding is not just about how many people you know and love. It will play a major role in shaping the experience you have before and on your wedding day. Should you invite more or less than 100 guests? Here are some of the pros and cons of big and small weddings so you can choose which size celebration is best for you!

Intimate Wedding


1. The atmosphere is unbeatable. Smaller weddings offer the most intimate and personal energy that cannot be replicated in large crowds. The people are there – because they want to be there. All those ‘we have to invite them’ guests have been knocked off your list and instead you get to celebrate with the people you feel absolutely closest to.

2. Every detail can be personalized! From music to menus to personalized giveaways, you can tailor everything to suit the specific tastes of your guests. There’s more opportunity to consider alternative wedding venues and unique details, which is perfect if you’re the nontraditional type. Being able to customize to this level will make your wedding day truly one-of-a-kind. 

3. Coordination and logistics are that much easier. There are fewer logistics to consider when you’re not wrangling a large crowd. RSVPs, Seating plans, hotel accommodation and more are that much less stressful when you’re doing this for a controlled number of people whom you know well. You can do all of this with the help of your wedding planner. 

4. You can prioritize quality over quantity. The money you would have spent catering for all those extra guests is back in your pocket! With greater flexibility in your budget, you’ll be able to have all the wedding details you’ve been dreaming of and consider more luxurious experiences for your uniquely intimate event. 


1. There’s a reason they say ‘The more the merrier’. Sometimes, you just can’t hit the same levels of energy and excitement without the masses. Intimate weddings are generally quieter affairs – for better and for worse.

2. A smaller wedding will also need a specific type of venue since you won’t want a large venue that feels empty for your smaller event.

3. Finally, limiting guest numbers means you will have to slim down your invitee lists. There will be many people who just won’t make the cut and that is something worth considering. Here are some tips for cutting down your guest list. 

Big Weddings


1. A big wedding is ideal for the social butterflies among us! If you have a large family or many friends, there’ll be fewer guest list decisions and less chance of hurt feelings. It will also be easier to accommodate plus ones and children so no one misses out. 

2. As well, a large headcount will come in handy if you need to meet any minimum guest requirements set by venues or suppliers. Whether it’s based on guest numbers or Shekels, there may be some dates, locations and details that are more accessible to you due to your higher numbers. 

3. No doubt about it, a big wedding is an instant party! There’ll be a buzz of excitement before you walk down the aisle and you’ll have the numbers to fill your dance floor until the end of the night. The celebratory atmosphere you’ll create by bringing so many guests together for this special occasion will have you feeling overwhelmed with love and happiness.


  1. More guests, more meals, more $$. Keep in mind that the bigger the event, the higher your costs will generally be. Depending on how large you go, you will be limited to venues that have capacity for your size event.
  2. As well, bigger events can sometimes be more stressful to plan. The larger the event, the more there is to plan and keep track of – so just be aware of this when deciding which event size is suitable for you. 

No matter how hard you try to plan the perfect wedding, there isn’t a wedding that will suit everyone’s taste. Instead of focusing on a wedding that will please everyone, start planning a wedding that is suitable for you, your partner and your families altogether. Good luck!